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S.C. needs more like Summers

Joyce Martin recklessly and wrongly accuses the Rev. Dr. Tom Summers of false prophecy in her Feb. 16 letter, “False prophets are among us.”

Tom’s interest in religious advocacy for the gay community was kindled when he was asked to conduct the funeral of a young man who died of AIDS, rejected by his family and church. This stirring experience opened his eyes to the invidious discrimination against gay people, sometimes from their own families and churches. Tom developed written materials concerning the critical need of religious support for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons and continues to speak out on their behalf.

He endures negative responses to his advocacy work from certain religious communities, but he never wavers. He has dedicated his career to pastoral care, teaching and ministry, addressing such issues as social oppression, homelessness, mental illness, racial minorities and Central America’s poor. Tom Summers is a caring, courageous man, an authentic Christian in every sense of the word. We need more people like him.

Harriet Hancock

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Publication: The State; Date: February 26, 2012; Section: Editorial-Letters; Page: A15