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The Bible, Homosexuality, and Christian Marriage
Dr. James C. Howell, 2016
Dr. James C. Howell, senior pastor at Myers Park United Methodist Church in Charlotte, addresses the topic of The Bible, Homosexuality and Marriage. What does the Bible say about the issue, and the people? What is marriage in the Bible? How from a biblical perspective does the Church and the Christian make sense of changes in our society? Watch now

A Church Divided
KQED, 2013
Is homosexuality compatible with Christianity? This question is debated fiercely in A Church Divided, a television documentary narrated by Peter Coyote and hosted by Scott Shafer. It follows California delegates to the United Methodist Church's global convention in Tampa, Florida. There, United Methodists from around the world gather to vote on the future of their church and its official policy on gays and lesbians. Watch now

Dividing The United Methodist Church
PBS's To The Contrary, 2015
The United Methodist Church remains officially opposed to homosexuality, same sex marriage, and self-avowed gay pastors...But not all United Methodist congregations agree with the church's view on the issue. Watch now

"Doing a New Thing": The United Methodist Church and Homosexuality
United Methodist Bishop Jack M. Tuell, 2000
Religion has never been known as a force at the cutting edge of doing new things. Avant garde has not been a phrase used to describe the church throughout history. Rather, the church is usually perceived as a conserving force... Read more

Homosexuality and the Church
Dr. James C. Howell, 2014
A conversation with Dr. James C. Howell, senior pastor at Myers Park United Methodist Church in Charlotte, on one of the more challenging issues facing the church today  Watch now

How I Changed My Mind
United Methodist Bishop Jack M. Tuell, 2003
If I were to give a one sentence answer to the question it would be: "I changed my mind when I changed my heart." But since I'm expected to speak longer than this, let me spell out what I mean by that and how it happened.  Read more

Painful Lessons from a Pastor's Viral Transgender Post
Rev. Mark Wingfield, 2016
Does God still love me? That is one of the most painful questions I have been asked in the past two weeks after writing a commentary that went viral and made me a most unlikely spokesperson for the transgender community and their families.  Read more

Resistance to the Church's Stance on GLBT Acceptance
Dr. Carl D. Evans, 2010
Resistance can take many forms. My plan is to talk briefly about two familiar forms of resistance political resistance and occasional or situational resistance. Then I want to focus on two additional forms of resistance... Read more

Seven Things I'm Learning about Transgender Persons
Rev. Mark Wingfield, 2016
I dont know much about transgender issues, but Im trying to learn. How about you? How much do you really know about this subject beyond all the screaming headlines and concerns about who goes to the bathroom where? Read more

State of Change - South Carolina
GLAAD, 2015
A short documentary film looking at the lives of LGBT people and allies living in South Carolina. Watch now