8: The Mormon Proposition

Reed Cowan and Steven Greenstreet, Producers/Directors, 2010 Website  Trailer

An Act of Love

Scott Sheppard, Director/Producer/Editor, Kate S. Logan, Producer, 2015  Website  Trailer  Inside the Documentary

Anyone and Everyone

Susan Polis Schutz, Executive Producer/Director, 2007  Website  Trailer

The Congregation

Alan and Susan Raymond, Producers/Directors, 2004  Website

Fish Out of Water

Ky Dickens, Director/Executive Producer, 2009  Website  Trailer

For The Bible Tells Me So

Daniel Karslake, Producer/Director/Writer, 2007  Website  Trailer

God Loves Uganda

Roger Ross Williams, Director/Producer, 2013  Website  Trailer

Incompatible With Christian Teaching

Anne P. Brown and Joe Kuehne, Directors, 2009  Trailer

The Miracles on Honey Bee Hill

Bob Pandillo, Director/Writer  Website  Behind the Scenes

Through My Eyes

Gay Christian Network, Producer  Website  Trailer

Trembling Before G-d

Sandi Simcha DuBowski, Director/Producer, 2001  Website  Trailer

Turning Points: Stories of Life and Change In the Church

David Sampliner, Director, 2004  Website